Tickle down theory; ways to spoil your peer’s mood:

Yeah you heard me right! Give an impromptu tickle from behind to anyone who is immersed in his work or (into the computer screen in my case) and nothing can aggravate their anger better! It feels like an excruciating shock running through your spines and up to your brain reminding you of the pathetic world you had forgotten to be while minding your own little business!! Apparently I go through it every once in a while from a very good friend of mine who, if doesn’t have any work will hop from cubicle to cubicle bugging everyone off their work and when they are completely out of mood to work, goes back to his own cubicle and starts fiddling with his computer or whatever!! I warned him couple of times and told him that his behavior was intimidating. But he never listens to it. I even told him that I would complain this uncanny behavior to our PL. But then I thought, what would I tell my boss? That this fellow is disturbing me with his odd behavior? I thought I was over with it in my high school! I realized that this situation needs a more matured way of dealing. So the next time he closes on me from behind, I am going to spray pepper spray on his eyes and roll him aside leaving him to wiggle in pain!! How about that!! Huh? If there is any other way of handling this problem in a more diplomatic way, you let me know!


It was raining yesterday!!

I was walking along the pavement of a busy road...
Road that had wheels and heels everywhere...
"Everywhere I turned I could see people preoccupied and distant…
Distant enough I too stood and waited for people to pass by
Passers by wondering if I was lost in the middle of nowhere..!
Where I stood I look skyward bored and feeling out of place
Placing my mind, heart and soul on that beautiful and dark blue sky,
Sky was where I wanted to be; not this sinned underneath
Underneath, I could sense a sudden surge of joy
Joy that my words failed to suffice and yet
Adequate enough to uplift and enlighten me
And myself with its cold and spine chilling wind abreeze
Breeze that was new, fresh and inspiring
Inspiration was not of the breeze but the drizzle that soon followed
Following and flowing to its heart’s full
Full of joy and content was what I was filled with
With that thought close to my heart, I walked
Walking the wet and free roads over and over again
Again and back to my own childhood memories
Memories so blue and fresh so much like the rain!!



Today was rocking with less work and more time towards my Blog. And what can i say..i am NOT COMPLAINING! My first upload of my art in this blog...!!

A quick indulgance in Photoshop

The Plinth Hole

Yup that is what it is...a plinth hole....You know you’ve reached some where and so u enjoy being there...everything slows down and you grasp for a breath, looking back the path you had just traveled...and then all of a sudden ...without any warning you fall down this pit with not a single second to think about anything...you fall deep inside, going as if you’ve been flushed out of some system. The deeper you go, the deeper it hurts. Every time you think about that fall, and every time you think of being there it feels like a nightmare that haunts your every living moment...All this and more comes and crushes you under its mighty thumb where you mercilessly struggle for an escape. For People who had been there and faced that...This is yet another scribble on love screw ups....!!

Please do not mistake this for one of those sweet letters and poems guys and girls take advantage of, when they are in love...nor are these prose people would write to amuse themselves and their peers in the aftermath of any relationship. I am not sure where to place it...so ill leave it to you. To me this is nothing more than just a mouthful of phlegm that I wanted to spew out...mouthful of words carelessly describing the state of mind one get oneself self into!

Pity me...Paper and pen doesn’t reach deeper as much as pixel and mouse used to. Henceforth reading this might make one wonder why I dint composite the thoughts in any coherent order. That’s the way it goes. Just like how one’s brain functions...doesn’t follow any order. It moves faster than the speed of light, thinking about everything from peanuts in a vase to an astronaut in space. It hovers from thoughts to thought and every time you think about that special some one....a momentary silence follows and your heart slows down. You fell so much emancipated when u think them, as time moves in its dangerous microscopic seconds....your thoughts so naked and unbound by barriers only you have control over it. And then you gasp for that precious breath which you otherwise would have missed to breathe.
I don’t know who is to be blamed for such a situation, is it me? Is it her? or our inability to understand the way things have been going on? Whatever it is, I have grown tired thinking about it!
And all that is left now is disgust, embarrassment and hatred towards an otherwise perfect relationship.

(Extracted and modified from Metamorphosis by Sundar Venkatraman, originally written by Vidhya Shankar during January 2004)

Etiquettes and how to humiliate one in its absentia!!

Ok I admit it. I thought I was the last person in this er! Cubicle to think something of that sort happen to myself. What I have been going through at my work space is more dreadful than what my worst fears could explain.
The problem I have been facing is rather simple yet an overseen issue of communication gap and lack of socializing with the right group!
The problem is that my peers fail to identify the fact that one doesn’t know the language they are speaking while they are out for coffee and lunch breaks. They can go hours together without even realizing how odd and different one would be feeling in that situation.
Nothing can be pathetic than people commenting and criticizing you right in front of your face and you are wondering if they are complimenting on your new hairdo. One gets so lost when we are out there socializing, as it never occurred to me why they have ignored such a sensitive issue of respecting the presence of someone new to their hood and someone who doesn’t understand the language! To me it is about accepting the person into your private communication circle and making him feel at home and comfortable. Just imagine making boats out of tissue papers, checking how long my thumb nail had grown is all one gets to enjoy out of one’s socializing with my colleagues. It is not that they get to have inspiriting talks either.

This problem had been so ever since I had joined and I had lost even the minutest of the hope that they will one day realize that someone beyond their linguistic ability to communicate happens to work with them and that it was high time they negotiate to speak and use a verbal cue that the common multitude might understand. And I am not asking something that is tough or cannot be done. Mind you that all my peers all have flaring degrees and honors from leading and reputed universities all of which happens to be English medium!! Guess some things can never change!

The Anomalies of Two-wheeler drive in Bangalore!!

If you happen to be an IT professional working in a reputed software firm in Bangalore Karnataka, the odds of you having nervous breakdowns, acute depression is very high. If your work has half its toll on your health then the route you take and the vehicle you drive shares the other half or even more.
In order to be a surviving motorists in the streets of Bangalore you need to first, NOT have a license so that when cops tries to stop you, you can throttle up and zoom past escaping him and the quick left turn you are supposed to take for your office!.
Secondly have no respect whatsoever to traffic rules and mainly on the motorists who are law abiding citizens!
Thirdly NEVER have a perfectly maintained bike or car as it is likely to get damaged anyways while you carefully try to maneuver through the busy roads!

When you get stuck in a traffic jam which is most of the time..Why don’t you take some of the down listed itinerates and preparation to entertain yourself while the traffic moves in a snails pace.
To start with, you need a cell phone which you definitely have to hold in one hand, with your head bent towards it while your other hand is on wheels...this will help the blood circulation to gush through your system perfectly and more importantly obscure your vision of the person crossing the road in front of you!
Secondly a radio or a music system in case you are driving a car. Now the best way to expereince this would be to raise all the windows up and increase the volume of the speaker to the fullest so that you can forget the daily buzz ling life all around you and can give yourself completely to the music. This way the guy who is honking behind you might be unheard by you and you wont budge to pave way for the traffic. Thirdly anything from being drunk to being deaf, blind would help you to oversee such preposterous conditions!!

As a pedestrian, I only have one advice to give to fellow side walkers. Don’t use the pedestrian or BE DEAD! When you are on the sidewalks during a traffic jam, it is advisable and safe to be on the middle of the road if you have the guts of your grand mother because one can see all the two wheelers, bicycles and even sometimes cars speeding their way through the platforms and on sidewalks leaving little or no space for commoners like me to walk with!!

“May the best insurance policies be with you!!”


Beyond Plinth Hole!!

Welcome to the world of lost love. A territory that is marked with disgust, guilty feeling, solitude and misery. I hate to admit it but I jus had a relationship break up and I have been going through what every goddamn soul has gone through in their break ups. A sense of solidarity and low self esteem clouds and stands as a barrier between your perpetual self and the outside world. I must say that I had rather an interesting time over the past few months, with all kinds of thoughts creeping in and out of me constantly and felt that I am beginning to lose myself to acute depression. But luckily for me I had the will and support of my peers, family and mainly my elder brother (hereafter referred as big bro) who also went through a similar phase! I had so much to learn from him and he was very protective and concerned about how I got through it. I wow him a big thanks for reintroducing me to my art. He told me that the best way to rediscover one’s self is to challenge the self with something one is good at!! It never struck me until I actually found myself lost in the enormity of what my art had to offer. I was not a pro artist, but whatever I begin to create gave me a new meaning altogether and I rediscovered myself. During my lazy weekends at home I engaged myself hours together to draw and create what I always loved to do; aliens and robots!!

My work kept me engaged for eight hours a day and nothing could be more distracting than that. After my days work I had to come home and cook for my supper (no not the last supper!!) My roomies were always particular about my cooking. If there was a day when I had to cook, they try and finish off their dinner in some hotel or fast food joint!! Or best they would even go hungry!.

If you ask me there is nothing that could beat authentic home cooked food! Having said that to myself every day and mustering a great deal of courage I start to venture into cooking. I slowly started liking the process which to me is no different than doing an art. While cooking one has to be generous, free of inhibitions and not necessarily a “know how” in cooking!!

After an impromptu cooking session and an unfortunate eating ceremony in front of the prime times, off I go to sleep. Before that I make sure I feel thankful to the god for having given me such an interesting twists and turns in life and about all the situations I often get into and how I come through it only to remember that…

“When everything has been going wrong…Remember!! that it could have been worse!!”


Clenched thoughts!!

Today has been surprisingly a very busy day at work with hours of flying sessions in the simulator and checking for snags and errors. Jus when I was about to sit and stir my creative self to conscious, I had an issue to attend of which I had the least possible idea and I believe rest of the evening will be the same!!

Boredom doesnt kill gentlemen...work does!!


what's Within 4 Walls

It took me an awful lot of time to actually come up with this one. It was like as though suddenly I felt guilty about not taming those words that crept in my mind and made something meaningful out of it. I thought I might miss my opportunity to put something that I had always marveled of, in a time capsule so it can be discovered and cherished for the times to come.
This space will best describe the state of mind I get myself into!! I often shut myself to the outer world but a lot must be going inside that mind of mine. For some time now I have been experiencing a gush of thoughts ranging anything from a script for an action movie to do something ensemble with clay or piece of wood. Instead I chose to do something I always missed doing. Something I never knew I had in me. I chose to write (surprise!)
What one will see in this Blog will be far beyond the arbitrary of , such coherent thoughts. The ones shared here comes from a much deeper mind, a mind that only recently have I started to probe in!

why Within 4 Walls..?

Hi welcome to my very own first Blog created after a long and painstaking hours of thoughts, acute depression, peer pressure (ok I made that up!) and much wasted office work hours and resources!. Whatever one reads or hear in this space is a resonance of what I have faced in my daily life filled full of surprises, pleasure and pain!!
As an artist and a 3D modeler by profession I had the great privilege of experiencing the world of vibrant colors, dimensions, flawless beauty, and perpetual existence through art. Something very special and so unique that not every mortal soul has the ability to experience!
But for the past few excruciating months (After I broke up on my first ever and two year long relationship with a girl) this had not been so. I wanted something more! More than what my pencils and brushes could offer. I wanted to see my thoughts in a totally different dimension. Only this time in words and parahs instead of strokes and forms. For that reason and more my cries, thoughts, moments and incidents Within 4 Walls.


A Cry Within 4 Walls

Hello Bloggers!

Im working very seriuosly to set this one up and running!! Keep your ears clean! and open b'cos the walls have begin to speak!!