Etiquettes and how to humiliate one in its absentia!!

Ok I admit it. I thought I was the last person in this er! Cubicle to think something of that sort happen to myself. What I have been going through at my work space is more dreadful than what my worst fears could explain.
The problem I have been facing is rather simple yet an overseen issue of communication gap and lack of socializing with the right group!
The problem is that my peers fail to identify the fact that one doesn’t know the language they are speaking while they are out for coffee and lunch breaks. They can go hours together without even realizing how odd and different one would be feeling in that situation.
Nothing can be pathetic than people commenting and criticizing you right in front of your face and you are wondering if they are complimenting on your new hairdo. One gets so lost when we are out there socializing, as it never occurred to me why they have ignored such a sensitive issue of respecting the presence of someone new to their hood and someone who doesn’t understand the language! To me it is about accepting the person into your private communication circle and making him feel at home and comfortable. Just imagine making boats out of tissue papers, checking how long my thumb nail had grown is all one gets to enjoy out of one’s socializing with my colleagues. It is not that they get to have inspiriting talks either.

This problem had been so ever since I had joined and I had lost even the minutest of the hope that they will one day realize that someone beyond their linguistic ability to communicate happens to work with them and that it was high time they negotiate to speak and use a verbal cue that the common multitude might understand. And I am not asking something that is tough or cannot be done. Mind you that all my peers all have flaring degrees and honors from leading and reputed universities all of which happens to be English medium!! Guess some things can never change!


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Try making shit smell better.. if they r not up to it..hell its better to be alone than to be in bad company..

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