The Anomalies of Two-wheeler drive in Bangalore!!

If you happen to be an IT professional working in a reputed software firm in Bangalore Karnataka, the odds of you having nervous breakdowns, acute depression is very high. If your work has half its toll on your health then the route you take and the vehicle you drive shares the other half or even more.
In order to be a surviving motorists in the streets of Bangalore you need to first, NOT have a license so that when cops tries to stop you, you can throttle up and zoom past escaping him and the quick left turn you are supposed to take for your office!.
Secondly have no respect whatsoever to traffic rules and mainly on the motorists who are law abiding citizens!
Thirdly NEVER have a perfectly maintained bike or car as it is likely to get damaged anyways while you carefully try to maneuver through the busy roads!

When you get stuck in a traffic jam which is most of the time..Why don’t you take some of the down listed itinerates and preparation to entertain yourself while the traffic moves in a snails pace.
To start with, you need a cell phone which you definitely have to hold in one hand, with your head bent towards it while your other hand is on wheels...this will help the blood circulation to gush through your system perfectly and more importantly obscure your vision of the person crossing the road in front of you!
Secondly a radio or a music system in case you are driving a car. Now the best way to expereince this would be to raise all the windows up and increase the volume of the speaker to the fullest so that you can forget the daily buzz ling life all around you and can give yourself completely to the music. This way the guy who is honking behind you might be unheard by you and you wont budge to pave way for the traffic. Thirdly anything from being drunk to being deaf, blind would help you to oversee such preposterous conditions!!

As a pedestrian, I only have one advice to give to fellow side walkers. Don’t use the pedestrian or BE DEAD! When you are on the sidewalks during a traffic jam, it is advisable and safe to be on the middle of the road if you have the guts of your grand mother because one can see all the two wheelers, bicycles and even sometimes cars speeding their way through the platforms and on sidewalks leaving little or no space for commoners like me to walk with!!

“May the best insurance policies be with you!!”


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:)....good one thr..i empathise with you....

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