why Within 4 Walls..?

Hi welcome to my very own first Blog created after a long and painstaking hours of thoughts, acute depression, peer pressure (ok I made that up!) and much wasted office work hours and resources!. Whatever one reads or hear in this space is a resonance of what I have faced in my daily life filled full of surprises, pleasure and pain!!
As an artist and a 3D modeler by profession I had the great privilege of experiencing the world of vibrant colors, dimensions, flawless beauty, and perpetual existence through art. Something very special and so unique that not every mortal soul has the ability to experience!
But for the past few excruciating months (After I broke up on my first ever and two year long relationship with a girl) this had not been so. I wanted something more! More than what my pencils and brushes could offer. I wanted to see my thoughts in a totally different dimension. Only this time in words and parahs instead of strokes and forms. For that reason and more my cries, thoughts, moments and incidents Within 4 Walls.


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