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It took me an awful lot of time to actually come up with this one. It was like as though suddenly I felt guilty about not taming those words that crept in my mind and made something meaningful out of it. I thought I might miss my opportunity to put something that I had always marveled of, in a time capsule so it can be discovered and cherished for the times to come.
This space will best describe the state of mind I get myself into!! I often shut myself to the outer world but a lot must be going inside that mind of mine. For some time now I have been experiencing a gush of thoughts ranging anything from a script for an action movie to do something ensemble with clay or piece of wood. Instead I chose to do something I always missed doing. Something I never knew I had in me. I chose to write (surprise!)
What one will see in this Blog will be far beyond the arbitrary of , such coherent thoughts. The ones shared here comes from a much deeper mind, a mind that only recently have I started to probe in!


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Well welcome to the inane world. Its a welcoming break to anybody who wish to pen down thoughts that encumber our heads, this be the place where only your thoughts float, your identity does not. The more you feel claustrophobic inside, the more you find strange questions and unsettling answers. If it can crystallise in ur head and negate your heart..am sure it can be chiseled, painted, moulded or penned.. Good luc

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