Clenched thoughts!!

Today has been surprisingly a very busy day at work with hours of flying sessions in the simulator and checking for snags and errors. Jus when I was about to sit and stir my creative self to conscious, I had an issue to attend of which I had the least possible idea and I believe rest of the evening will be the same!!

Boredom doesnt kill gentlemen...work does!!


Blogger Φ said...

hmm don fall astray when theres more to handle..cos for a drying pit even an evening rain is storm but for a sea it hardly matters. hope your posts in the future dosent have more of ur daily activities like the usual and normal blogs (i did this, i did that..). Say things which are quite a phenomenon to you or something that is surreal or in higher orders of creativity..there are bloggers and posts but not many intrigue :)

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