The Priory of Clowns

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A circus's foundry came to life with its
Arena over flown by kids, men and their wives;
Some old, sober and sleepy,
Some young, vigilant and curious
Awaiting the arrival of foolish men and their troop of evangelists!

Lions, tigers, camels and elephant marching sans pride;
Performing the task laid down by their masters and his whips
The crowd roars, applauds and ponder with awe!
The mortal creatures amusing with their perfunctory tricks!

And then enters the ebullient men dressed in loose pajamas
Creased with funny red nose and face painted bright;
Without primp they jump, they dive, they roll and cry!
Facetiously enacting lives worst tragedies and man's best moments;

Fraught with misery the jesters make them happy
Wearing disguise and mocking back at the incognito world!


A Message in the Bottle

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Alone in this shore of solitude;
Rests an abandoned bottled sealed tight!
Tides gulping it, feeling it and retrieving uninterested;

Inside it lays a paper coiled with words of plight;
Meanings deeper, truth closer to heart of the one, who wrote,
Lays within; unknown, untouched and quivering !

Sinking slowly but steadily, the bottle reaches deep
With it, the truth from a shallow heart's steep!