Thadiyendamol – A Travelog

“It is the not the destination that matters; but the journey you take towards it”

With that note on I would like to share my reminiscence of the place my friends and I trekked last weekend. Thadiyendamol which means “the highest peak” in kudagu a regional language of the south Karnataka, India is a must see for all nature lovers, trekkers, and just about anybody who would want to be as close to mother nature as possible.

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A group of four including myself left Bangalore last Friday with not much interest to leave the Friday night parties and late night televisions. And yet we did. We took a bus to Veerajpet which is about 250 odd kilometers from Bangalore. Veerajpet is a lazy small town down the south western tip of Karnataka. A town with a sensible mixture of the natives, tamilians, malayalis etc. We waited through the early morning to catch a bus to Kabinakkadu. A one hour journey (about 20 Kms) to this village through the serene mountains and hutments was very inviting to the contrary busy roads and concrete structures of the city. We arrived at this place and were welcomed by Suresh Chengappa of the honey valley estate.

Note: Regular buses from KSRTC are available everyday to Veerajpet. With 185 rupees per head the journey would last about five hours. Once in Veerajpet go to the local bus stand to take a private bus “Anuradha” to Kabinakkadu. The ticket cost rupees twenty per head. More about Suresh and his honey valley retreat here

Honey valley estate:

“You fought your way through,
You struggled hard to follow,
You grew weak walking,
You endured all to be with her and her entirety”

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Honey valley is a small estate owned by Suresh in kakkabe in Kabinakkadu. He lives there with his wife and two daughters and had converted the whole estate into this beautiful resort with small rooms well equipped (with clean toilets) for people to stay and spend a day or two. The estate directly faces a comb of mountains of the Western Ghats. The Estate is aesthetically located on a small valley surrounded by mountains. We met quiet a lot of trekkers and tourists of Indian origin and otherwise already staying there and were setting out on their own interesting expeditions.

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We had a quick breakfast prepared by them and started a little late loading ourselves with lot of water, chocolates and instant noodles. We were given a map book by suresh Chengappa to help our way through the mountains. Thus our journey to Thadiyendamol began.

Note: Our group decided to take a room to accommodate four people which costed us thousand rupees. Good Breakfast, Lunch, and dinner is served in the retreat(mostly vegetarian. Non-vegetarian food is available on request)

Saddle rock:

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“You looked in awe at her beauty;
Trying to concoct your senses!
With arrogance in voice you mumble:
‘I came just to see you!’
The rivulet hisses back in mockery
For she has always been there”

This is a pit stop mountain right before Thadiyendamol where trekkers usually tent and spend a night before climbing the peak. People who reach here can realize the breathtaking multitude of the peak.

Towards Thadiyendamol and beyond:

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“She bears you, the way she bears
her trees, her mountains and her oceans!
You, her, them existing in perfect harmony
You try and reveal your naked self
And hence becoming her own”

The path we took towards Thadiyendamol was a five kilometer stretch over small valleys, mountains, streams of rivulets and plateaus. The Trek was pretty challenging given the fact that we all were carrying heavy backpacks with water and food. But the experience was nevertheless thrilling. We witnessed true incarnations of nature in the form of forest flowers, tall trees, synchronous mountains and hard rocks. The streams we passed were inviting for a dip.

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We walked our ways following paths already been made by fellow trekkers in the past. After three hours we struggled to reach the top. The scenic view of the Western Ghats can never be explained or written about. The misty clouds foams down and merge into nothingness with the mountains afar. Wherever we turned, it was greenery at its best. Here and there hard brown rock sprouted out of the greeneries adding to an immaculate contrast of nature’s effervescence. The silence of the mountain and the mellifluous hiss of mountain grass to the western wind were very soothing to the ears.
Selfishly inhaling every bit of clean cold air the mountain had to offer we took few photos, prepared and ate our lunch and rested for a while before starting our journey back down to saddle rock and to the honey valley retreat.

All in all it was a very memorable experience for our group and personally a spiritual one. Hope this would be helpful to you and your friends if you wish to make a trip to this beautiful peak and have a memorable time.

Note: Start early! We were cursing ourselves for not being able to spend much time on the peak. So start as early as 5.30 to 6.00 hrs. Carry enough water (2 liters per person helps) and lot of snacks, chocolates for stamina. It is advisable to carry torch light since it gets pitch black at night. If you need further clarifications contact me at vidshank02@gmail.com and Praveen at SrinivasPraveen@hotmail.com


Blogger Φ said...


Vidhu xcellent narration. Brilliant snaps. Hard hitting verses (..;) quite some personification).

feeling breathless..goddamit :)

U owe me a trip like this when am home.. :D

2:23 PM  
Anonymous rahpaps said...

Well written.....
wish I could have come along...
The verses add a gr8 touch...

Until nxt time :-D

2:49 PM  
Blogger vidhu said...

@ Φ: Thanx broah...we both owe ourselves a trip like this one...im jus awaiting ya

@ Rahpaps: Hey thanx budd! Nice work u got there in ur blog...tht bitch (prav) dint tell me u have one...:P

3:06 PM  
Blogger AG said...

super narration of the nature inits own way. i think nobdy can narrate as u do and brought the whole place in front of the eyes. excellent...

i ve no words for praise and surely awaiting for this type of trip with u fellows....

7:51 PM  
Blogger sophie said...

wow...i envy u man...
i have to take hell a lot of permissions even to go to the nearby shop...
oh permissions suck...
u know stomach fire...awwfff

8:30 PM  
Blogger sophie said...

i travelled with ur narration...
awesome snaps

8:31 PM  
Blogger Myopia said...

beautiful, absolutely beautiful. shall take up on this once my budget has approved a trip over ;)

7:04 AM  
Blogger vidhu said...

@ Mom: wud luv to be in such a trip with you...Thax for dropping by

@ sophia: Haha...gues thts one of the advantages of stayin on yer own

@ myopia: Thanx budd. Budget hurts!!...i know..:))

9:48 AM  
Blogger Demi Goddezz said...

nice nice ..u owe me a trip too:P Happy Valentines...

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