Rappers Rhyme

Here I go, with yet anotha scoop of words from mind!
Words that ma mind and ma soul had failed to bind!

Deep in this mind of mine are scars of past!
Scars; you long back had left of lova holocaust!

The pain inside, feels like meltin stone of crust!
Stoned nd high; of knowing not whom to trust!

Who will care, when no one got no time to spare!
Time nd time again I wish to, but not dare!

Failure; aint no option, (i) gotta a race to chase!
Race so real; tht you and i are bound to face!

Fears of my past encloud me like a wall of bricks!
Walled up around me cheating and playing its tricks!

Drifted alone, I try but take wrong turns!
Taking down with it every faith and trust ive earned!

Weak and sick of all this i want to move ahead!
And be; able to face any thing that i wud ever dread!

So here i stand, blocking all but that chanting chime!
Words don count, nor they mean a thing for this, is nothin but a rappers rhyme!


Blogger Never_mind_who_I_am said...

When things are beyond your radius of control, learn to take things as they come and leave things as they go. The past is a corpse of the dead; bury the past and dont inhale its obnoxious smell. The future is not entirely in your hands, but your present certainly is. Live in the present, without any restimulations from the past or unnecessary anxieties about the future. The past is over and it need repeat itself. The future need not be what you fear. Do what you really want to do, now in the present. Forget the past, fear not the future.

12:37 AM  
Blogger vidhu said...

@ Anirudh: Thanx for stopping by!
All the ramblings tht i have left here is a mere log of my past, the present and the impending! you are correct about time! couldnt have agreed more myself!
Gr8 work up there in ur blog as well!!

12:58 PM  

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