Unspoken and so forth!!

Words you thought of but not tell…
Urges deep inside of you that I wished to spell,
Cries of your heart never clear…
Or is it I who never wished to hear?
Words often not maketh their thoughts
Endless commotions that the mind has fought!!
Speaking the mind has never been that easy!
Cos speaking it would only make us feel uneasy!
Every time I am so close to you,
Speaking to you, and seeing this world in your view!
Will you be thinking about it?
Wondering how to make your thoughts fit!
Patience has never been my virtue!
Longing to hear your love for me would mean a torture!
But still will i wait to hear you speak
For in your words are the truth I seek!!


Blogger Φ said...

Brilliant and unexpected from you..quite a welcoming change. Try to avoid the rhyming in future, cos at times it might spoil the essence of it :). But this work my dear is fantastic.

None of our emotional expressions sprung out without reasons, so this i feel will be no exception. Am sure there must be some truth hidden between those lines, but am no good at revealing things and hence wait along the sands to time, mute, to be revealed.

Unspoken and so forth be our lives than to be trampled upon.. ..think hard before anything said..

Silence, we assume
as the truth
we seek..
Wishing to hear

from them; they speak

Yes, Sound may come
silences go..
truth we seek
is jus a shadow show..

10:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


smart work and unexpected from u

The pain in between the lines and heaviness ... hmm ..
a thought for a cause :

"blessed is the man who endures temptation; for when he has been approved, he will be receive the crown of life which lord has promissed to those who love him"

dont bother urself with the rhyming and rhythemetic phrases...anyway it is good and thought provoking...keep it up dude..

2:54 PM  
Blogger Within4Walls said...

@ Anonymous : I aint no god's son! Never intend to be one!
This life of mine has a purpose and it is not to serve him but to only learn the truth behind every humanly temptations im capable of...thanx for dropping by who ever u are!!

4:13 PM  

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