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Today has exceptionally been a big day for me! Why?...well today i had my employee’s and salary review and I must say I am quiet thrilled. I have spent a considerable time of 11 months in an reputed MNC and at the end of 11 months here I am waiting to go inside my boss room to have the glimpse of what they have or rather how much they have in stock for me! I have no clue how much ill be getting or what I am going to do with that extra money! Would it really matter? Will it make a huge difference in life for me? All I could think of is that extra pitcher of beer I have always promised my buddies whenever we hang out in pub!. My salary hike may not been the best...! But it is definitely far better than what some of my senior peers have received. Among the freshers who had joined the firm I was rated the best for my communication and interpersonal skills! I am at edge when compared to my colleagues and I would valiantly struggle to keep it that way!!


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"They first laugh at you,
Then they resist you,
Then they fight you,
in all, in the end you win" - M.K.Gandhi.

"When the brazen keeps forging for it, frail men fall apart and to those who seek perfection the success in inevitable." - Enothe

This I should say is your first recognition at the workplace..*claps*. There are time when your work might go unnoticed or biased opinions shadow your performance and prejudice be soul sister, such are times when you must believe in your potential and worth....keep going..bravo


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