04-07-05 "A Revisit"

Howdy People!!

Yes i know it had indeed been a very...very long time since I did anything creatively stupendous for me to actually Blog it!! I just have the same ol' reason to give people who had been eagerly awaiting my next post (That would be none other than my mom and my bro)! Well! It is W O R K!! I have been given a bigger and better task at the work front to push the envelope of my abilities and hard work!! Like I said earlier I am not complaining. I in fact love every walk of it! There had been many instances when I had come up with short quirks and flashes of thoughts all pointless and irrelevant as usual to most who might hear or read them!! But like is said you would much delightfully be seeing them in the upcoming weeks (hopefully!) Since that is what this Blog is all about!! Unspoken, unwritten thoughts of an eluded mind!

I had some great experiences with some of my friends off late (new and old alike!) who had always been a part of my growing self! I would also be writing about them and the experiences I shared with them in the following weeks (fingers crossed), since I felt that I had not reveled much about the contacts I have with this humanly world. So keep watching this space for more updates on what and how it really feels to be...within 4 walls!!


Blogger Φ said...

Hmm indeed a revisit..revisiting the chronicles of the mind..vanishing into membrane walls and lost in the mundane life..gud to see you back inside the walls from which you scream and scribble..yea cos its nice to have some one in the next room enclosed by the same walls ..

awaiting your posts on ur experiences..and much more thats not perceivable to heads like us..

welcome again, futuristic genius..

9:36 PM  
Blogger Φ said...

my new blog is here metamorphosis has "changed" to something else..or may be changing to something else from what i presumed to be.. http://ichthys-firstfish.blogspot.com

10:40 PM  

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