Tickle down theory; ways to spoil your peer’s mood:

Yeah you heard me right! Give an impromptu tickle from behind to anyone who is immersed in his work or (into the computer screen in my case) and nothing can aggravate their anger better! It feels like an excruciating shock running through your spines and up to your brain reminding you of the pathetic world you had forgotten to be while minding your own little business!! Apparently I go through it every once in a while from a very good friend of mine who, if doesn’t have any work will hop from cubicle to cubicle bugging everyone off their work and when they are completely out of mood to work, goes back to his own cubicle and starts fiddling with his computer or whatever!! I warned him couple of times and told him that his behavior was intimidating. But he never listens to it. I even told him that I would complain this uncanny behavior to our PL. But then I thought, what would I tell my boss? That this fellow is disturbing me with his odd behavior? I thought I was over with it in my high school! I realized that this situation needs a more matured way of dealing. So the next time he closes on me from behind, I am going to spray pepper spray on his eyes and roll him aside leaving him to wiggle in pain!! How about that!! Huh? If there is any other way of handling this problem in a more diplomatic way, you let me know!


Blogger Φ said...

pouring water on the head, removing chair when trying to sit, sticking papers on the back, chewing gums on head, twisting hand to his back in a casual way laughing and leaving him in the same sense of humor and pain or asking if he has got any better job than disturbing but a little loud (when some PL is nearby)..finding out the some irritant that puts him off and use it on him when he does this, slap when unexpected, appreciate his sense of maturity and diplomatically asking him to go to hell such that he wud look forward taking a trip..well i don think u can make shit smell better on the other hand..he'll soon realise ;)

3:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

helu blag abandoner whads dugh nex posht..

eno the

9:24 PM  
Blogger vidhu said...

im sorry ..m at the moment high on creating few stokes...but keep a watch here !!


12:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

whats ur next blog about..y don u write about ppl who forget... ehhh whats that..what was i saying

Eno the

8:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

woah will sure keep watching here.. o-v-o

Eno the

8:52 PM  

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