It was raining yesterday!!

I was walking along the pavement of a busy road...
Road that had wheels and heels everywhere...
"Everywhere I turned I could see people preoccupied and distant…
Distant enough I too stood and waited for people to pass by
Passers by wondering if I was lost in the middle of nowhere..!
Where I stood I look skyward bored and feeling out of place
Placing my mind, heart and soul on that beautiful and dark blue sky,
Sky was where I wanted to be; not this sinned underneath
Underneath, I could sense a sudden surge of joy
Joy that my words failed to suffice and yet
Adequate enough to uplift and enlighten me
And myself with its cold and spine chilling wind abreeze
Breeze that was new, fresh and inspiring
Inspiration was not of the breeze but the drizzle that soon followed
Following and flowing to its heart’s full
Full of joy and content was what I was filled with
With that thought close to my heart, I walked
Walking the wet and free roads over and over again
Again and back to my own childhood memories
Memories so blue and fresh so much like the rain!!


Blogger Φ said...

"In my end, I shall begin"..reminds me of my own work long done. Could feel how beautifuly the surrounding has been felt and perceived. Roads, Rain, traffic, on-lookers, starers, animals, objects, dawn, dime and even the dust remains the same, but few tend to see it in ways only that can make them feel better. Its not what a person perceives to be different, but the thoughts thats omnipresent around us and clearly available when we wish to wear them, makes us feel so. You chose to wear one today in the rain, quarter wet by the drops and the rest by your thoughts..

Recurrence of words neatly done..:)

9:15 PM  

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