Follow Me not!

I’ve seen you many times following me;
Behind my back lurking

You speak no words, and make no noise;
As if silently creeping without a choice!!

When I stop, you seem to stop;
When I run you keep up with me

With every step of mine, yours resonate;
As if you and I were one and the same!

Walking down the road I feel you near;
With sudden splash of light, you distort and disappear!

-My shadow


Unspoken and so forth!!

Words you thought of but not tell…
Urges deep inside of you that I wished to spell,
Cries of your heart never clear…
Or is it I who never wished to hear?
Words often not maketh their thoughts
Endless commotions that the mind has fought!!
Speaking the mind has never been that easy!
Cos speaking it would only make us feel uneasy!
Every time I am so close to you,
Speaking to you, and seeing this world in your view!
Will you be thinking about it?
Wondering how to make your thoughts fit!
Patience has never been my virtue!
Longing to hear your love for me would mean a torture!
But still will i wait to hear you speak
For in your words are the truth I seek!!


Aint no Loner !!

The past three days have been really exhausting!! Lot of work has come my way and to top it off, I had fever and a sour throat from a journey I made to Bangalore from Chennai. I had a great deal of good time with the hood! Met Lavi (Sis) and her hubby, went out, gave gyaan to younger cousin, managed to make some awesome sweets for my colleagues!
When I returned back half hearted as usual unwilling to let go of the warmth and cozy embrace of my hommies, I got sick of drinking mineral water (surprise!) Funny as it may sound, because I was used to drinking all kinds of water; good or bad! One thing good about being a Chennaite is you get mutated and prone to any kind of contaminated water as water is friggin scarce!! I mean you really can find water in mars but nah nah!! Not in Chennai!! But this time it was plain fucking mineral water! Properly sealed, labeled and hopefully from a new stock! As soon as I returned Bangalore I knew I ate shit (more or less!) and had started feeling really uneasy with the sourness in throat. Came to the apartment by early morning and crashed straight in to the bed!! When I woke up to get ready for work did I realize I was feeling sick!! I had to manage to get ready and start for
Office, feeling terrible and home sick. All i wanted was to get back to my parents and tell them I was sick and that I dint wanted to go for work!! But ive had done that enough in school that my parents really wouldn’t believe me! I was a sucker when it comes to bunking school and tuitions! Well that’s a different epic altogether.
The bottom-line was that I was alone in Bangalore and was feeling genuinely sick! Feeling desperate and tired I told my friends my situation to gain some sympathy and they were really helpful. One of my friends threatened me for not going to check with the doc! She was like; if I don’t meet the doctor she would make me meet one! My roomy saw my condition and felt pitiful! He cooked our dinner’s everyday without having to bother me! Actually he was more than happy to cook his own food since he is not that fond of mine!! The worst had passed. Took tablets; lotta rest! And most importantly had my friends around eyeing on me and helping me whenever I was in trouble! After a long time I felt at home; staying away from one! It is so nice to be with people who love you, care about you and pamper you when you are in need!!

I would like to perhaps write on my grave when I die… (If they bury me, that is!)
"Here lies a man who knew how to be with caring and good friends”


Ps(Hike) em out!!

Today has exceptionally been a big day for me! Why?...well today i had my employee’s and salary review and I must say I am quiet thrilled. I have spent a considerable time of 11 months in an reputed MNC and at the end of 11 months here I am waiting to go inside my boss room to have the glimpse of what they have or rather how much they have in stock for me! I have no clue how much ill be getting or what I am going to do with that extra money! Would it really matter? Will it make a huge difference in life for me? All I could think of is that extra pitcher of beer I have always promised my buddies whenever we hang out in pub!. My salary hike may not been the best...! But it is definitely far better than what some of my senior peers have received. Among the freshers who had joined the firm I was rated the best for my communication and interpersonal skills! I am at edge when compared to my colleagues and I would valiantly struggle to keep it that way!!


04-07-05 "A Revisit"

Howdy People!!

Yes i know it had indeed been a very...very long time since I did anything creatively stupendous for me to actually Blog it!! I just have the same ol' reason to give people who had been eagerly awaiting my next post (That would be none other than my mom and my bro)! Well! It is W O R K!! I have been given a bigger and better task at the work front to push the envelope of my abilities and hard work!! Like I said earlier I am not complaining. I in fact love every walk of it! There had been many instances when I had come up with short quirks and flashes of thoughts all pointless and irrelevant as usual to most who might hear or read them!! But like is said you would much delightfully be seeing them in the upcoming weeks (hopefully!) Since that is what this Blog is all about!! Unspoken, unwritten thoughts of an eluded mind!

I had some great experiences with some of my friends off late (new and old alike!) who had always been a part of my growing self! I would also be writing about them and the experiences I shared with them in the following weeks (fingers crossed), since I felt that I had not reveled much about the contacts I have with this humanly world. So keep watching this space for more updates on what and how it really feels to be...within 4 walls!!