Till I Hurt You Again..

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Under the shades of menorah trunks,
She lays restless, awaiting!
Their reminiscent union harks back
In her thoughts, like the quilted grass
Moving spinelessly, to the autumn breeze!
The withered, leaves the tree and
Silently plummets into the iridescent tarn,

Her absent self jolted back
By a hand from behind mollycoddling
Her torso, with as much pain and severity
As the soul that had it felt!

And soon everything is psychedelic!
The severance is lost with the conjoined souls
Insouciant and oblivious of time, levitate
From their cadaver and into a pristine state
Of ecstasy, kissing caressing and making love!

Epoch crossed, even ages lived in this very moment!
As this divine unison and its philharmonic ritual
Seize to exist and slowly the somnolent selves wake up
From this perpetual tyranny and depart in silence!


Escaping Osiris

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Fear creeps in,
Mind goes blank,
Eyes grow wide,
Lips splinter,
Throat dries,
Heart pounds,
Nerves quiver,
Hands shake,
Body weakens,
Legs tremble,
Soul suffers...


I'm closer!
Lying with you,
Breathing your air,
Smelling your scent,
Touching your skin,
Holding your arms,
Escaping this
Mortal sanctum!!